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Top-rated Long Island Painters

Trust The House Painting Pros Delivering Beautiful Results

We provide a wide range of services from interiors and exteriors painting, faux finishes to power washing and plastering and stucco repair.

Top-rated Long Island Painters (Recommended)

Trust The House Painting Pros | Delivering Beautiful Results

We provide a wide range of services from interiors and exteriors painting, faux finishes to power washing and plastering and stucco repair.

  • Carl Landeck
    - Google

    Could not ask for better experience. Amazing. From initial meeting with Sal to job completion the guys were the best to work with. Should've hired them years ago. Will definitely have them back again. Worth every dollar you'd pay them. The painting staff does excellent work. Attention to detail is evident. Thanks Miguel!

    Taylor Ryan
    - Google

    Walker painting is the best painting company that I have ever used. Dave and his crew were amazing. They were always on time and Dave came everyday to check up on the job. The crew did a great job of keeping my house clean while painting by laying down mats and after each time they left my house they cleaned up. The men that work for Dave’s crew are super nice, respectful and professional. They painted the entire first floor of my house and it looks amazing. I can not wait to have Dave and his crew back to do more work in my house. I highly recommend Walker Painting!

    Karen Cicalese
    - Google

    I’m so glad we chose Walker Painting. Dave and Andrea checked on the job every day. The painters were neat and clean. They did the whole house in 4 days so we could move in. Their work was meticulous and they really cared about the job. I highly recommend Walker Painting.

  • Rosemary
    - Google

    I have used Walker Painting on many occasions. My most recent experience was excellent. Their work was phenomenal. The job was completed to my utmost satisfaction, on time and at an affordable price. The employees are polite, considerate and trustworthy. They are prompt and left my home as clean as when they started. When the need arises, I will definitely use them again. I give them 5 plus stars and my highest recommendation!

    Evan Benjamin
    - Google

    I cannot say enough good things about Sal and Walker Painting. Our newly purchased home needed a complete interior paint job and some exterior painting. We received 4 quotes from different paint companies and ALL were more expensive with less they were willing to paint for that price. Our home looks magnificent due to Walker Painting's expertise and attention to detail. Sal was so kind and said after we moved all of our belongings in he would include 2 hours to touch up the scuff marks the movers were likely to leave. The movers left quite a few big ones actually requiring 2 walls to be repainted! The painter spent 4 hours fixing everything including some spackle repair! LOOK NO FURTHER THAN WALKER PAINTING!

    Susan Mckenna
    - Google

    We were very fortunate to have Walker Painting paint many interior rooms, doors, hallways and the staircase in our home. Their workers were professional, neat and very polite. Either Dave or Sal would be at the job site daily to inspect the work and check in with us. Their work was amazing and they finished on time and on budget. I would highly recommend them! Definitely worth the investment!

  • Steve Tandy
    - Google

    I highly recommend Walker Painting! They were extreemely professional, neat and clean. On time everyday, finished my house in 2 days! The protecting of all my new furniture put me at ease. Dave and Andrea were here everyday checking on the workers and the progress of my home both days. Hugo the team leader did excellent work and triple checked everything so I did not have to. Thanks again to Walker Painting! If you need work done they are the company!!!!

    Dennis M.
    - Google

    Look no further..... David and Sal are the best managers for any painting project. Flawless.... perfection .....the attention to detail is a amazing. I have been in the construction industry for the better part of 40 years and never seen such consistency. My parents used them they worked at my office and now they are working on my home. Built in the 1930s. Sal came over and made us feel that it was no problem.....he could do it with his men and get it do on time with no extra costs. These guys are legitimate and have quality men who work directly for them....non of this pick up a couple of guys at the big box store parking lot at sling some paint. We look at the job and know we're the money went....old work craftsmanship that these guys follow. Highly recommend them and Meguel is welcomed back to work on my home anytime. Hard to find people these days with a work ethic and pride in the work they do....glad I found them

    Charlie Minch
    - Google

    They were excellent from start to finish!!!! High quality work. The crew was very clean and neat. They left NO mess behind. I will be using them in the future.

  • K. Berrios
    - Google

    Walker Painting did a fantastic job. The BEST experiences we've had with a contractor since moving to Long Island 12 years ago. Professional, timely, honest, responsive - all the things you wish anyone you hire would be. Walker Painting treated our project like it was important to them. Walker Painting was a breath of fresh air! If i could give them an A+ I would.

    Adam Steinhandler
    - Google

    I had windows replaced and the interior moldings and walls around the moldings needed to be spackled and painted. Walker Painting showed up when they said they would. They were neat, respectful, polite and ensured everything was cleaned up and put back after.
    They were careful to cover the floorways and furniture with tarps and the actual work was top quality. I even had some wall paper that needed repair around some of the windows and Walker Painting did a seamless job of matching up the patterns beautifully.
    Highly recommend!

    Alexandria LoProto
    - Google

    Walker Painting painted the whole first floor of our home. They are professional from beginning to end. Their prices are fair and they are very responsive throughout the job. The work is immaculate and our home looks amazing. We would absolutely recommend them over and over again.

Interior Painter In Bellerose

Make Your Home More Attractive With Interior Painters Near Bellerose, NY

Life in Bellerose NY is interesting and can be fun too, however, work stress can put a bit of a damper on a festive mood. But fear not! You can benefit from our ideas.

One way to do so is by making the place you spend the most time in more desirable. Our attractive Bellerose interior painting ideas can help turn things around.

On Long Island, having interior painters near me handle your Bellerose interior painting may seem like a costly, time-consuming, and sometimes needless task. However, there are many benefits of having a Bellerose interior painting done in your New York home, some that you may not have heard of yet. 

Although searching and hiring suitable Interior painters near me in Nassau County NY may seem like a massive upheaval but the end result always far outweighs any difficulty. 

To find out the main reasons why you should make your home more attractive by hiring interior painters near me in Bellerose NY, read below. 

3 Benefits of Interior Painting for Your Bellerose NY House 

  • An Interior Painting Makes Your Nassau County Home Fresher

One interesting thing about Bellerose interior painting is its ability to improve the air quality all over your house. 

Over the years the quality of house paints has improved due to technological advancements and human health interests. In Nassau County, and all over New York, Walker Painting is among the best residential painting contractors. Our experts can help you select the most suitable Bellerose interior painting for your house, feel free to call 516-221-5300 or fill our contact form to request a free estimate. 

Before now, most paints contain VOCs(which are volatile organic compounds). VOCs contain carbon elements that turn to vapors (or gasses) when used to paint a house. When you use paints that contain a lot of volatile organic compounds to paint a house, it later releases elements into the atmosphere which can be detrimental to the human respiratory system. Fortunately, interior painting has evolved, they contain very low to no volatile organic compounds which makes it safe for your house. 

Whether you are asthmatic, allergic, or simply sensitive to chemicals, painting your Bellerose NY home with paints that contain less or no VOCs is a great choice. Asides from the fresh look it gives your home, it provides a certain level of protection from dust and allergens. This will make the atmosphere fresher and improve the quality of air that is around your home. 

  • Interior Painting Makes Your Home a Comfortable and Happy Place

Having an interior painting done in your home can boost your mood. Apart from being a moderately inexpensive way to remodel your Nassau County home, it’s the best strategy to add aesthetic value to your home. 

For instance, if you haven’t remodeled your Long Island home recently and still have old decors and interior painting that you either did not select or don’t like anymore, you may not feel relaxed when you’re in the house. If you are a stay-at-home parent who has to deal with being indoors all the time, hiring professional interior painters near me should be your priority. They can help make your interior painting look appealing. 

Additionally, if you work from home, a worn-out interior painting can give off a low-energy vibe. You need efficient productivity and comfortable space, consider hiring expert interior painters near me in Bellerose NY. Having a new color in your workspace can boost your mood. 

Note: You can use your favorite color for interior painting, you will feel more content, especially if it’s an energetic tone. However, if you need something serene and relaxing, go for light green and blue. 

Different colors may mean different things in interior paintings. The common meanings for some shades are; 

Yellow and orange: they give a strong feeling of productivity especially in home offices. 

Neutral colors: there’s a contentment and happy feeling that comes with it as most of its shade may look familiar with your favorite colors. 

In general, if you are finding it difficult to decide on the right color to use for your interior painting, feel free to call 516-221-5300 to get the right interior painters near me in Long Island. At Walker Painting, we provide a wide range of services from interior painting to exterior painting. Since 1995, we have been serving residents in Nassau County and all over Long Island. We can meet your needs cost-effectively. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal and Wall Protection

The drawbacks of most old homes in Bellerose NY are the walls that have dents and marks due to the long-term use. But, hiring expert interior painters near me in Long Island will eliminate those drawbacks and create a comfortable space with an aesthetic appeal. 

If you want to modernize an old Nassau County home, a new interior painting must be on your priority list. New interior colors like coral clay, faux finishes to power washing and plastering, and stucco repair can be done by our expert interior painters in Walker Painting.

Having interior painters near me handle your Bellerose painting can protect your wall as well as prevent future damage to it. Leaving a worn-out interior painting for too long can damage the inside and outside of your house walls. 

The inside walls of most Bellerose houses consist of elements that naturally soak up moisture. However, when the walls absorb too much moisture without a barricade like a high-quality interior painting, the structural quality of the home may be compromised.

Sometimes the weather in New York can be extreme, a high-quality interior painting can protect the walls in your home against mold growth. Mold growth in homes is bad for sensitive people, but interior painting can seal out moisture from being absorbed by the permeable walls. 

Why You Should Get Expert Bellerose Interior Painters Near Me to Make Your Home Attractive 

Thanks to YouTube, DIY trends are growing so fast, with meticulous attention, you can learn anything within a short time including painting a house. But, in the interior painting world, there are differences in what you can do and what an expert ‘interior painters near me’ can do.

Depending on your interest and time, you can easily carry out simple interior painting fixes such as seal off a scratch on a painted wall or repaint a small dented area in your wall. But for an enormous interior painting fix that involves enormous wall painting and general interior painting, you need to call expert interior painters near me in Bellerose NY. 

While a DIY interior painting is possible, it is not advisable to do it, especially when you don’t have the skills. 

Below are 2 important reasons why you need expert interior painters near me to make your Bellerose NY home look beautiful 

  • You Will be Getting a Clean Job

A DIY fix will hardly get you a perfect interior painting job except it’s your occupation or you are highly skilled in it. It may look like the mess you will create is not obvious, but a neat interior painting is always a great win. 

You also don’t want to ruin your furniture and interior decors, a small dent or big mess is also another task to clean up. Leaving all your worries to a professional painter will leave your walls sparkling clean, making your newly painted home comfortable and calm. 

You also get to sit back, relax and inspect your Bellerose NY home transform into a remarkably clean abode. The only thing you should pay attention to is getting the right interior painters near me in Long Island to handle your Interior painting task. 

  • Expert Interior Painters Near me Will Save Your Time

Searching for interior painters near me will require a lot of work as you need to check for those with the right expertise. But when you get one, you are sure of swift service delivery, as they are professionals in interior painting. Using expert residential painters from Walker Painting will save you a lot of time and effort that may be wasted when you decide to DIY or search for painters. 

All in all, it is important you hire reliable interior painters near me from Walker Painting for major home improvement that involves house paintings. 

Since 1995, Walker Painting have gained a reputation for being staffed with expert residential painting contractors who can meet any Bellerose customer’s needs while staying within the painting estimate initially decided upon. You can call 516-221-5300 or fill our contact form to request a free estimate. A professional interior painting will protect your wall as well as add comfort to your house.

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